Perimeter protection systems

MicroPoint II – designed for metal fence installation












The INTREPID MicroPoint II system by Southwest Microwave consists of controllers and sensor cable, which are mounted on a metal fence to offer perimeter protection. The sensor cable performs three functions – detection, power supply and data transmission. For every 400m of cable one controller is needed. The system works by detecting mechanical vibrations in the fence, caused by attempts for climbing or cutting. The system has the highest accuracy in the world for localizing a breach – 3m. In order to provide an adequate protection, one cable run is needed for a fence with a height of up to 3.3m. For higher fences a second cable is mounted horizontally, in parallel with the first one. The system is calibrated for zoning and sensitivity adjustments after the installation. The perimeter can be divided on many zones with different lengths, which is used for integration with video surveillance, sound notification or lighting systems.