Video surveillance systems

Control of work hours utilization

Do your employees utilize their time effectively? Do they adhere to their time schedule and work 8 hrs per day?

These questions can be answered easily, if you trust a suitable video surveillance system. In each given moment you can see exactly what is going on in the different offices and production areas and have a good overall look at the work process in your company. If you have doubts, that some employees do not fulfill their work duties and “steal”from their work time, you will have a video archive at your disposal, which you can check in your office or remotely via Internet or mobile phone service.

Based on a statistical data, the effectiveness of the worker’ labor is increased between 10 and 15% immediately after installing a video surveillance system. It’s a proven fact that employees work harder when they know they are being watched.


Better customer service

Do you want to know exactly at what level is the customer service at your company? Do the clients receive an adequate attention from your employees? Are they competent in representing your company’s products and services?

For example, we have installed 7 cameras and microphones at the sales offices of a major cable operator in Bulgaria. The equipment helps the QA personnel greatly in monitoring the whole customer service process.  The Sales Manager has a complete view of the way the company’s products, services and promotions are represented to the end clients.

Only two weeks after the initial installation meetings were summoned, where suggestions for better service was given to the sales representatives for improving the overall customer experience. As a direct result of the audio/video surveillance system installation in the following two months the company registered 45% increase in new sales contracts.


Cashier’s desk control

In dealings with money and important documents arguments arise frequently, which can reflect on the performance of the employees, as well as the customer satisfaction. Video surveillance system can help resolve such situations in a fair and indisputable way, by using cameras with proper resolution installed on the right locations.

For example in one case, in a bank office, during the review of the daily tally, large sum of money was missing. Thanks to the installed video cameras, mounted over the cashier desk, the security manager found out that the cashier made a mistake, where she gave the client sum larger than the one requested. The identity of the client was also established. Based on all this information the bank did what was necessary to return the excess amount back to the bank the very next day.

Often in stores the buyers get into arguments with the cashiers over the money given to the cashier, verses the change given back. In resolving such situations the video cameras mounted close to the cashiers desks give priceless video information about the events of the money transactions. With the correct camera and mounting location the recording will provide clear view of the exact bills given to the cashier and the money returned back to the client as change.



Often buildings, structures or vehicles become vandalized, which leads to material losses. Such actions can be effectively prevented by the installation of a video surveillance system.

A client of ours complained of vandalism on his coffee vending machines, which are installed at various locations throughout the city. The ravaging occurred usually at night.

We offered him a video surveillance system consisting of a Day&Night camera and a one-channel digital video recorder (DVR), installed inside each vending machine. Only several days after the installation the police was able to identify several vandals and started procedures to capture and indict them.


Theft prevention and uncovering

Often just the fact that a video surveillance system is installed has a very strong preventative effect. The effect is the same for any installation -in a business building, private home or a car. The uncovering process includes the review of the video footage and presenting the pertinent video material to the authorities.





Video surveillance in situations with decreased visibility

Conventional camera               Thermal camera

Even the best camera can not see through fog, heavy snowfall or rain, or in total darkness. IR projectors offer limited night view, but are ineffective at large distances. In those cases, the thermal vision cameras offer the best view and detection of people and vehicles from large distances, even in total darkness. The technology detects temperature differences between the bodies and the other objects in the field of view. A thermal camera can “see” a human from 1200m in total darkness or fog.

As an example, a client of ours had problems with securing the perimeter of two industrial areas with large size. After the installation of 4 thermal cameras 3 thieves were captured shortly after. Subsequently, the investigation uncovered 5km of stolen power supply cable by the same thieves, as well as other material losses amounting to thousands of levs.


Motion detection alarm

A main issue with monitoring a large number of cameras is the effective alarm notification and prompt action on the behalf of the security personnel. Haw can one man or a woman monitor many cameras simultaneously in many long hours of viewing?

The task becomes feasible if the system can alarm the security personnel only when motion is detected, with video, audio or combined notification. That way the attention of the operator will be quickly turned to the camera/location where the alarm was triggered and he can make a quick decision on what actions to take. At the same time, the system can make a video and/or JPEG picture of the event for future evaluation. The system can also send the file or the notification to a remote location, recorder or a mobile phone.