Video door phone systems

Video verification of visitors at the door entrance

The main application of the modern video door phone systems is to provide video and audio connection between the indoor monitor and the entry camera device in order to check the visitors, and upon approval, remote-open the door for entry.



Video surveillance of the entry area

The video door phone systems include a camera built in the entry A/V device, which allows audio and video monitoring of the door entry area. The video is transmitted directly to an indoor monitor, which can be installed at any location inside the building. That is one of the main reasons for the installation of a video door phone system. If someone calls in via the entry device, but you disapprove of that person for any reason based on the video verification, you do not open the door and the visitor will not even find out that he has been monitored. That way the visitor would not even know if there is anyone in the building.


Picture archive for the visitors

Some of the new video door phone systems have the functionality to take picture of each visitor and store them in a video archive, when the host is not in the building. The function is especially useful when the host is absent frequently, and it can be used as a method of a simplified video surveillance. This can be also very helpful in cases of unlawful intrusion, if the intruders check if someone is home by using the video door phone system to call in.


Audio door phone system

If you are interested in a more basic door phone system with just audio and remote door opening functionality, we offer a couple of such systems – for one or multiple apartments, at very attractive prices.