Vehicle GPS and security systems

For businesses with small or large number of company vehicles

In today’s world effectiveness is one of the most important factors for the progress of your business. The GPS systems provide real time information about the current location of your company vehicles. This means reliable control over the proper utilization of the vehicles and helps uncover inappropriate vehicle use.  The GPS systems can also provide information about the speed and travel direction. Various reports can be generated, showing fuel usage and route optimization ideas. RFID cards can be utilized in order to restrict access control to the vehicle and/or starting of the engine. In conclusion, the GPS systems facilitate the reduction of the business cycles and contribute to overall increase in work quality.


Navigation systems

Vehicle navigation systems have become increasingly popular among the drivers in recent years. The acccess to such system is especially helpful when traveling through an unknown teritory. The system can help save fuel and supply information for avoiding traffic congestions, radar/cameras, as well as other helpful information, such as nearby restaurants, toursist and other important landmarks. The navigation systems are easy to use and contain the most recent map information for Bulgaria, Europe, and the world. The hands-free mode (thanks tot eh built-in microphone and speaker) helps the drivers keep their eyes on the road.

Vehicle alarm systems

Vehicle alarm systems are electronic devices, which are installed in order to prevent theft of the automobile or valuables left in it. The modern systems include different functions for protection and comfort, such as engine start blocking, remote start, remote climate control system on/off, trunk open, etc. Some of these systems can be used with the factory remote control, which can additionaly make their management easier for the user. Such systems can also have vehicle insurance benefits.


Radar detectors

The radar detectors are installed in vehicles in order to receive an audio-visual warning for the existence of a police radar or laser systems for vehicle speed detection. These devices can be programmed to alarm the driver via only audio, or only visual indication. Most systems of this kind have several work modes, including function for battery usage, which can automatically turn off the radar detector after more than 6 hrs of inactivity.


The advantages of vehicle window tinting

Tinting foil is installed on vehicle windows for several reasons – UV protection, temperature insulation and protection of passenger/driver in case of a flying glass from broken automobile window. Different types of foils are available, to offer different levels of tinting and protection/insulation, depending on the desires of the client and the local laws and regulations.