Structured cabling systems

Providing reliable data transmission infrastructure

A well-planned structured cabling system (SCS) guarantees high reliability of the data exchange for the business for many years to come. When the data traffic load is calculated properly the client has no problems expanding the structure in the future. The standard components and materials, plus the universal outlets installed at each workplace allow for connecting of many different types of devices. That makes the structured cabling system stable and independent from changes in technology and suppliers in the foreseeable future.


Integration with video surveillance, access control, intrusion and other security systems

One of the most prominent features of the structured cabling system is its versatility. The system is the main medium for data transfers – digital, telephone, audio/video, etc., and it offers the capability for integration with fire detection and intrusion systems. During the design stage for the building infrastructure, the SCS allows the automation of multiple processes, connected with the control and monitoring of all communications systems. It is not by accident where many manufacturers of security systems integrate LAN communication in their devices (IP cameras, network video recorders, control panels for fire detection or intrusion systems, etc.). The aim is to establish a centralized monitoring center with minimum security personnel to run it.


Easy adding of new workstations

The flexibility of the structured cabling systems allow quick and easy change to the types of the signals and the devices connected at a certain location (workstation), as well as rugged software support for those changes when the information has to be changed or an employee moved within the system. This allows for easy adding of new workstations, moves to other locations in the building and total re-configuration of the active devices connected at each workstation. When designing a well-functioning SCS it has to be accounted for any type of future expansion of workstation/devices move.