Sound notification systems


Emergency sound notification

Based on the current European norms the emergency sound systems are mandatory for many types of buildings. They facilitate and regulate the evacuation process in case of a fire or other disaster. These systems are especially useful in bigger buildings where large crowds of people gather up, like shopping malls, hotels, airports, etc. The sound systems use prerecorded voice messages on one or several languages and are played back whenever necessary. The playback can be started automatically by a fire detection system, or manually by an operator.


Background music

A pleasant background music from a PA system can increase the effect of the atmosphere you need to create for your business – Spa center, hotel, office, etc. Moreover, properly chosen music can actually increase sales in retail stores. A recent survey in the USA has shown, that reducing the background music speed from 108 to 60bpm has resulted in 38% increase in sales. The reason is that the slower music tempo means slower moving crowd and more people staying longer in the store, which can lead to more sales.


Distribution of advertising or other work-related audio messages

These functions of the PA systems are widely used in supermarkets and shopping malls for advertising messages, as well as train stations and airports for informing people about schedules. Sometimes depending on the need different types of messages can be transmitted from several locations – reception, security desks, etc., which can be programmed to be played with certain order of priority.