Parking systems

Access control for parking garages/areas

The main function of the parking systems is to provide controlled access for a parking area/garage. Besides barriers, the systems include additional devices, such as payment and ticket columns, protective devices, displays for amount due or available parking  spots. Often, the systems also include software for centralized monitoring and control, as well as modules for license plate recognition (LPR) with the ability for a fully automated barrier opening/closing for approved license plates.









Automatic barrier coontrol with License Plate Recognition (LPR)

ANDY offers a software module for license plate recognition, which can work with any analog camera. The software provides the ability for fully automated process of opening/closing the barrier after the recognition of a given license plate number, which has been previously entered in the system as an approved number. This function is very useful if the parking has VIP or subscription clients. The software can be used as a separate module or as part of the more comprehensive system for parking management developed by ANDY -- Smart Park.


Visualizing free parking spots

In an attempt to make looking for a parking spot easier in a large parking garage, a special system is designed, which include light indicators placed above each parking spot. The light of the indicator is green when the spot is free and red when the spot is taken. The system can also include display boards showing the number of free parking spots for the whole garage or there could be a separate board for each parking floor or zone.