Integrated security systems (BSS)

NetCom Guard – system for remote monitoring and control of multitude of security systems

Each security operator, who is in charge of watching many security systems simultaneously is familiar with the inconvenience of manipulating many different incompatible programs and hardware, located at different locations, all to be done quickly in real time. The aim of NetCom Guard is to integrate all systems in one platform and to facilitate the work of the security operators to shorten the alarm response time.

The NetCom Guard platform has been developed to remotely track and control many types of security systems at many locations, and to visualize the current state of all sites, including visualization of alarm events. The system ensures prompt reaction to alarms with the capability of sending SMS/E-mail messages to people in charge. Additionally, the operator can enter notes, which are recorded in the system alongside the alarm even information.


For bankers

Initially, the NetCom Guard system was developed primarily for the bank sector. The requirements were aimed at the creation of a unified system, with our own hardware and software, to provide remote monitoring and control of different types of security systems (CCTV, intrusion, fire detection and access control) by various manufacturers, and with large number of options for quick visualization, notification and control. The final product fully complies with all of these requirements. Moreover, the flexibility for integration of NetCom Guard ensures a secure position for the system in the field of monitoring not only for banks, but for many other businesses as well, especially the ones with large number of remote offices.


For intrusion system installers

Installers of intrusion security systems can appreciate the rich functionality and excellent pricing of the NetCom Guard system. The ability to remotely monitor up to 1000 locations with visualization on one screen is desired by most clients. The system offers convenience, wide compatibility, instantaneous visualization of alarms and facilitation of quick reaction by the security operator. There not many systems on the market today to offer the following features – secure and encrypted communications channel, which cannot be interrupted without notice, SMS and E-mail messages to the people in charge in case of alarm events, registration of all tampering attempts. The return communication channel can control devices on the remote sites, such as arm/disarm of modules or systems – CCTV, intrusion, access control and fire detection.


Facilitating the work of the security operator

One of the most useful functions of the Netcom Guard system is the Pop-up on the screen when an alarm occurs. In that Pop-up, the operator can read instructions on what to do exactly for this type of event. The procedures can include making a call to a certain responsible person or a mobile security office, as well as starting a recording of the current event on the local computer.


Visualization of video surveillance cameras or the exact positioning of activated intrusion sensor in case of an alarm

The NetCom Guard system allows integration with CCTV, intrusion, access control and fire detection systems. During an alarm event the system reacts instantaneously and sends information to the main monitoring center within 3 sec. The operator can see picture from the video cameras from that particular site, in real time, just with one mouse click.  This way the operator will not waste time to look for video footage from a certain video recorder at a certain location. This is very convenient, when compared to a situation, where the operator has to look for picture from cameras  displayed via browsers or other visualization software, on different PCs, and trying to look up passwords to open up video management software.  Similar is the reaction of NetCom Guard when an alarm is triggered by some of the other integrated security systems. For example, in case of an event received by a fire detection system, on the PC screen a Pop-up will appear, which will contain text instructions for the proper procedure to follow during this type of event.


Common data system with detailed information on contacts and scheduled maintenance

The NetCom Guard system contains contact information for all the people in charge of the protected sites or otherwise authorized to perform certain security or technical functions. This  greatly facilitates the work of the operator by reducing the risk or a forgotten or delayed technical maintenance work. Moreover, the system also provides timely information on schedule activities for all the other integrated systems.