Hotel systems

Reduce theft by monitoring the access to the hotel rooms

Situation:  a hotel guest is complaining at the reception that while he was at the beach, something expensive (such as a video camera) has gone missing from his room. It’s clear, that there hasn’t been any forced entry, because the hotel system would have generated an alarm, so from the main desk the receptionist can find out quickly who has had access to the room. If no one has entered the room during the time frame in question, then the guest may have actually lost the item at the beach, or elsewhere outside the hotel. On the other hand, if the room has been visited by housekeeping or security, then there would be more suspects to investigate.



Control over the proper use and service of the rooms by housekeeping and security personnel

Do you doubt that some of your hotel employees may be using the rooms for illegal activities? If you have an integrated hotel system it’s easy to find out answers. You can  get detailed information about who has used the room, and during what time frames. It doesn’t matter if it was last week or a year ago. The system keeps the information in an archive, which contains all the RFID data (entry time, stay time, exit time, etc.) since the initial installation of the system. Therefore it wouldn’t be hard to determine if the room has been used illegally, if the receptionist or someone from security has been in the room for the whole night without actually paying for the room.


Energy saving

Situation: A hotel guest leaves the room in the morning and leaves on the lights, air-conditioning, TV and other electric devices. They can be left on for the whole day, till the evening. During this time your electric bill is rapidly increasing… Most energy saving devices do not “know”what is plugged into them and can be compromised easy with any card, even a business card, but the modern hotel systems have an intelligent reader in each room, and they can determine if the card belongs to a guest, or to the service personnel and that way they can intelligently control the energy supply to the different devices in the room. For example, if the guest does not insert a valid RFID card into the reader right after entering the room the electric power supply to this particular room will be stopped automatically. Also, if the door for the balcony is left opened for a prolonged period of time the room heat/air device will be stopped too. One of the best features of the hotel systems is the function to automatically turn off the electric power supply to the devices in the room (except for heat/air) after a predetermined period of time after the guest leaves the room. That way the system will definitely help save energy from electric devices, which were left turned on.


Time control of hotel employees

Maybe you are wondering if you have hired the right number of housekeepers. How much time do they actually need to prepare a room for a new guest? Do they really use their time wisely and occupy their time well? The integrated hotel system will give you detailed reports, which can help you determine how many hours given housekeepers have worked, how many minutes the have been in each room. This information is very beneficial for you to organize their work and ultimately optimize the number of employees needed to serve the rooms and the guests properly.