Fire extinguishing systems

Water-based fire extinguishing

Water fire extinguishing is the most widely used method for extinguishing fires in closed spaces. The automatic sprinkler systems are designed to detect fire and to put it out in the early stages or at least keep it under control so it can be extinguished by other means.

The advantage of these systems is that they activate only those sprinklers, which are in close proximity to the fire.



Fire extinguishing in closed spaces

What is one of the most-effective methods for fire extinguishing in close spaces?

The solution is possible by the aerosol fire extinguishing technology by FirePro. It has wide-spread use for fire extinguishing in archive rooms, repositories, server rooms, in electrical panels, marine vessels, transportation vehicles and airplanes, etc.  Unlike most conventional methods for fire extinguishing, this technology is extremely effective, it’s easy to install and maintain, does not damage electronic equipment and it is harmless to humans and the environment.



Fire extinguishing in server rooms

How can we extinguish a fire in a server room without damaging any of the equipment?

This is possible with the use of FirePro, because the aerosol element does not damage the electronic equipment in any way, even while it is functioning.

Fore example, the fire extinguishing generator model FP-8 is designed for use mainly for use inside a computer case or HDD devices.




Fire extinguishing in the engine rooms in yachts, cars or other motor vehicles

FirePro is frequently installed in the engine sections in yachts, cars or other vehicles. The reason is that the FirePro generator safely reliably protects the expensive engines from fire damage. Special attention is paid to the marine vessels, because a potential fire can not only cause material losses, but can also put the lives of the crew in danger.