Fire detection systems

Fire detection systems – purpose

Every business has to consider the risk of a fire. The fire detection systems are used to detect, localize and help extinguish the fire in its early stages, to minimize loss. The systems include different types of smoke and optical types detectors, control panels and software for management and visualization.  The are also integrated with other systems to perform certain follow up actions, such as sound notification, fire department notification, and can trigger fire extinguishing systems. In addition, these systems are installed with a separate (emergency) power supply in order to be able to work even if the main power supply is interrupted.


Detection and localization in the early stages of a fire

One of the main functions of a fire detection system is to discover and localize a fire as early as possible. In order to achieve that, the systems use specialized and sophisticated software and hardware, which can pinpoint the exact location of a new fire. After the localization, the qualified personnel can make an attempt to extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. That way the risks of human or material loss are decreased dramatically.




Connection with sound notification and fire extinguishing systems

Fire detection systems can be connected to audio notification systems for generating important messages, such as evacuation procedures in case the fire can not be extinguished in the early stages. In some cases the fire detection system can trigger a fire extinguishing system.




Connection with external systems

In case of a fire it is important to take all precautions to ensure the safety of the people on the site, before an evacuation order is given. Because of that fire detection systems sometimes are also connected to other Building Management systems (BMS), for example to serve as a trigger for the ventilation system to switch to full power in case of a fire, for the air to circulate quicker in the premises. In other cases, the fire detection can stop the main electric power supply to the building premises, to reduce the risk of exacerbating the situation by starting new electric fires.


Fire detection systems with very early warning

Early fire notification is crucial in certain types of buildings and premises, where the evacuation can be slow and difficult, such as hospitals, prisons, administrative building with many floors, halls designed for many people, as well as industries with increased risk of human or material loss, like paper, wood, textile or cigarette industries.  Such systems are also installed in places with aggressive atmospheres, such as cool storage, transformer stations , etc.  The early detection systems also perform better than others in premises with high ceiling, because of the more sensitive detectors.

Main advantage of these systems is the fact that they offer extra time, during which the security personnel can more effectively extinguish the fire, which can significantly reduce human and material loss. For the larger companies is important to mention that discovering and extinguishing fire in the early stages can secure the continuity of the business processes, otherwise the companies risk millions of dollars of loss from interrupted processes or services.