Intrusion alarm systems

Reliable protection against intrusion and theft

The intrusion detection systems by the Polish maker SATEL offer a reliable protection for your business or private home against any type of intrusion and theft attempts. These systems will ensure your safety and provide a piece of mind. They can perform under extreme circumstances and can be upgraded, expanded or integrated with other security system, such as video surveillance, access control, fire detection or others. It’s important to note that the control panels INTEGRA are certified by EN-50131 Grade 3. They are also approved for installations in NATO sites and have NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code.

All intrusion systems installed by ANDY can be included in the service agreement with any physical guarding company in Bulgaria.


Prompt GSM/Cell notification in case of an alarm event

The intrusion systems can be connected to many types of action devices – sirens, electrical door locks, GSM modules, landline dialers, etc. The GSM module can offer the ability to notify by making a phone call (ring) or send an SMS to one or several designated phone numbers in case of alarm events from intrusion in protected zones.





Remote management of the intrusion detection system via GSM, landline or Internet

Besides alarm notification, the GSM/telephone/Internet remote controllers offer the ability to manage all the functions of the intrusion detection system through landline, GSM or Internet. That way the owner can remotely turn on or off the system, check status, etc. The remote control software also offers full system control and it’s free of charge.

The internet module offers the user the ability to use a “virtual keyboard” interface to exercise full control over the intrusion system, including code change or adding of new users. The interface is very convenient and it gives the feeling that you are standing in front of the actual physical keyboard. This interface is a unique one, offered only by SATEL, and is free of charge.


Wirelss intrusion detection systems

For buildings, which have recently undergone reconstruction, it may not be feasible or desirable to lay new cables. In these cases wireless sensors and sirens can be installed. Such systems are just as reliable as the wired ones. SATEL offers a high-tech wireless solution, where the connection between the sensors and the main control panel is two-way, which can ensure alarm event notification in case the connection is broken between the elements.

A unique feature of SATEL’s systems is the ability to wirelessly control other devices, such as heating, air-conditioning, doors, etc., which can be turned on/off remotely via GSM or to be controlled by timers, built-in the control panel.