Access control systems

APB (Anti-Passback)

How can you stop employees from lending their RFID access card to other employees?

When you activate the APB (Anti-Pass-Back) function on the access control system controller, double pass in the same direction becomes prohibited for a given door or group of doors . After the registering of one pass in given direction, the system will not allow a second pass in the same direction with the same card, unless a pass in the opposite direction is registered first.



Group access management

How can you define access to a group of people to be able to open certain doors and also by a certain time schedule?

The group access management defines group access to certain doors for certain group of employees (cards). Depending on the desired security level the access can be time-dependent. For example, access can be prohibited for all or the specific group outside of normal business hours.




Calculation of work hours

Are you looking for an accurate, secure and automated way to manage attendance?

The access control systems provide one of the best ways to accomplish that task. After designating entry and exit time readers, the system can show the real work hours for each employee. In case of larger companies several readers can  be designated as main for calculating work hours. This makes it easier on the employees, because they can use readers closer to their work place. Additionally, the software can detect and show tardies, absences (based on predetermined work schedules), or early leaves. All the information is accessible through detailed and quickly generated reports.   It is important to mention that the time attendance software can be integrated with other existing systems, such as those used by Human Resources or other departments.



Fingerprint systems

How can you accomplish access control without the use of RFID cards?

Biometric readers and controllers offer access control management by using fingerprints of the employees. Such systems have a very low error percentage – under 1% and capacity for over 20-30 thousand fingerprints, which is enough to satisfy the needs of large companies. That way the issues with lost or defective cards are eliminated completely, as well as the possibility of card misuse by lending it to other employes.



Energy saving

One of the important uses for access control systems is energy saving. Almost every modern hotel uses an integrated system, which uses access control features. When the guest is in the room, the RFID card must be placed in a special slot (presence detector), which allows the electricity of the room to be supplied constantly. When the guest leaves the room and takes the RFID card with him, after a short period of time the integrated hotel system shuts off the power to the room for lights and power outlets. That way any forgotten lights or electrical appliances are automatically turned off. The system can also be used to reduce the power output of an heat/air-conditioning system for further energy savings.